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540 Kick

The Step
Keep the cheat step close to the ground; don't step too high or too far, keep it almost on the spot. Remember how you keep cartwheels and roundoffs low and fast? Same premise here.
The Jump: Legs
Really push into this jump, extending from your toes. Drive your non-kicking leg up straight, not bent, at the same time, and at an "up and across" angle, not just up!
The Jump: Arms
Drive your non-kicking side's arm's elbow up and around behind you at the same time as your non-kicking leg; these two limbs should move in unison.

Bring your arms up and around like a circle, opening your arms and chest up as your non-kicking leg lifts. This stops you twisting and creates that second of floaty stalling.
The Kick
Once you're at the height of your jump, fully extend your kick while spotting your target.

Keep your core strong and tight so that your kicking leg, hips, core, and chest all move as one strong, controlled unit. You're kicking with your whole body, not just forcing your leg to kick on its own.
The Wrap
Once you've kicked, wrap your arms in tightly like any other twist to twist out of the stall, while also driving your non-kicking foot towards your butt. This will change it from the straight leg you jumped with to a bent leg, pulling you around and aiding this twist.
The Finish
As you do this trick, keep looking at your target. Even after your kick has passed through your target keep your head pointing there, right up until your body's twisting forces you to turn away.
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