June 19, 2011
Brisbane, Australia
Skyline Tricking Gathering


For those of you that don’t know, I am starting Brisbane’s first Tricking organisation: SKYLINE TRICKING!!! 

Sponsored by Invincible Tricking, we are going to be celebrating this new idea with:

The Very First Queensland Tricking Gathering 2011!!!

Date: Sunday June 19th (That’s 5 Weeks away from now!)

Place: Chandler Gymnastics 

Time: 10am – 6pm! This gathering is made up of:

- A Morning session from 10 – 2: GO FUCKING CRAZY

- Lunch Break - Pizza in the gym some good times and catch ups

- Evening session from 4 – 6: One hour seminar by gathering guests + Followed by battles!

Special Guests: TRICKERS!!! The power is in your hands! 

Choose your guests: 

Team 1) Morgan Flook & Jono Wong

Team 2) Blade & Gericho Hills 

Whichever team gets the most votes we will fly in to throw down with us! Guests will also teach a one hour workshop at 5pm on techniques of their choice =]

Cost: 40 Dollars for both sessions (That’s 6 hours at Chandler!) Pay on day!

BATTLES: Get a team of 4 together WITH ANYONE in our great state and register with us and enter the BATTLE! What’s better than the title of state champions? How about free Invincible Clothing up for the winners! Does your team have what it takes?! Judges will be our out of state guests =D Don’t worry if you don’t win, Invincible Tricking will be on sale all throughout the day as well! 

So what are you waiting for? =D

Registrations close on June 12! We are asking anyone who can provide/needs accommodation for the Saturday/Sunday night to get in contact with us early! Indicate whether you’d like to battle and in a week we’ll put up the list of those available to form four man teams! =D

GET VOTING! And feel free to add anyone I've forgotten haha!

See you all in five weeks! =D

- Scotty Skelton (0416261072)



AUD $40
Key Guests

Morgan Flook

Jono Wong