July 15, 2013
California, USA
Loopkicks Gathering 2013

Dear Trickers!

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But comment in the comment section down below, and we'll do our best to get back to you fast, THX!

LK 720 Night Show | Saturday Night Lights


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See all you Trickers this summer!

♥, TeamLoopkicks

USD $300
Gathering, Battle
Key Guests

Team Loopkicks

Khang Vu - Bubba Crispell - Isiah Flores - Chris deVera

Utahna Baxter - Ryan Jandu - Michelle Vaquilar - Jack Vu 

Jolene Tran - Austin Guanzon - Jarmin Runes - Justin Runes

Travis Trotter - Marques Mallare -  Mike Marcelino

 Bobo Nguyent - And More!

The Zoot Crew + LK House

Nathan Fairbanks - Pot Yo Anderson - Alex Jones Hunter

Benjamin Towels Atkins - Luke Dad Towne - Guy McQueen

Allen Quindiagan - Cristal Rosas - Nicole Echevarre

Jeanelle - Vivi Nguyen - Daniel Isozaki

Danyelle Dizon

Invincible Trickers

Scotty Skelton - Vellu (Unito) - Michael Guthrie - Phil Gibbs

Drednt NY

Jason Mello - Mike Maquire - Nelson Zuniga

Micah Karns - Alex Patterson

Team Emig

Matt Emig - Danny Etkins - MacKenzie Emory

Aiden Considine - Tyler Weaver

Team Spin Kick

Khang Vu - Andy Ngo - Phong Tu - Anh Huyne - Keoki Pham 

The Trickers of the Bay Area

Nevin San - Kenny Richardson - Son Nguyen

Novastar - Rizen - Malia Sablan - Esequel

All the Karate Trickers, Backyard Trickers, Dance Trickers<3

+100 THOUSAND moar awesome people

If you are a local Bay Area Tricker and want to help with the 

Gathering/Camp (we need RELIABLE drivers and helpers).

We'll waive your Gathering fees, hit up ChrisD!


Cody Wilson - Charlie Brown - Dion Jones

Kyle Fike - Jack Dy - Cedric Jones 

All-Star Karate

Jimmy Kane - Maguire Kane - Keenan Karr - The All-Star Kids

The Koreans!

Check back to see which of the amazing Koreans are coming this year!

Old School

Carmichael Simon - Kim Do Nguyen - Sesshoumaru

Jaime Colon - Vinny Johnson - Hans Wikkeling 

Southern California

The Martial Club (Orange County)

New Heights (Palm Desert)

Check for updates

Elevation Tricking Community (Colorado)

Nick Vail - Ed Boss - Charlie Grenhart - More

More Trickers Worldwide

Jason Goma - Mogwai - Kim - Morgan Flook

Keith James - Ahmed Frenzel - Shell Jan

Trickers from the World Tricks Tour

X-Swipe Tricking