July 12, 2012
Bergen, Norway
Bergen Gathering 2012


This years Bergen Gathering is all set and we cant wait to see everyone again! It will be a normal three day gathering so from the 12th-15th of July

We are staying at Fysak again this year, so bring a sleeping bag/what you need to sleep on a gym floor.

We have a lot of treats for you guys already including a BUSLOAD (heh) of amazing trickers showing up! 

And im also very happy to announce that we are having a cooperation with Invincible Tricking and YES you WILL be able to get your hands on some of dat sweet apparel at this years Bergen Gathering :) 

Invincible site : http://www.invincibletricking.com/

Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/invincibletricking

The gathering is 500,- NOK and payment and registration will happen the first day of the gathering. This includes the stay, tshirt and some meals. We dont have a kitchen that we're allowed to use but we could bring a microwave and a water boiler and stuff if people wanna make theyre own food.

The plan so far is :

Thursday : Greet and meet.

People will be arriving all day and getting settled in at fysak. The big red bouncy thing will be up along with puzzle mats and a small plyo so people can trick from day 1! 

Friday : Introductions and a trip to Bergen city center (the price is 27kr per way, back and forth) If the weather allows there will be a grass session like every year at the same place we always have it :)

With music and lots of spectators! In the evening we will have a gym session where people can get introduced and do something (teams or single trickers, like an opening show!)

Saturday : Gym sessions, battles and BBQ / some food! 

What battles we're having will have to be put up at a later time. Probably Norway VS Sweden like normal, feel free to call out someone to battle! 

Sunday : We'll be at fysak and people will be leaving as they feel during the day. 

How to get there : 

When you get to Flesland, the airport in Bergen youll find busses outside to the right. If you wanna take a taxi thatll be right across the road, its hella expensive tho. 

Take the bus to a big open area in downtown bergen called Festplassen. from here you can see the Grieg statue where we have tons of samplers and stuff from before :)

Cross the road into the park area and walk past the grieg statue, there will be a modern looking tram stop 50 neters from the statue which will cost you 25kr, and itll take you all the way to fysak. 

Exit at a stop called Slettebakken, there will be screens and a voice saying what every stop is called in the tram.

500,- NOK
Gathering & Battles
Key Guests

Scott Skelton