A collection of tools designed to improve your training and tricking life

What's tricking?

Tricking is an incredibly exciting underground sport. Existing in the same world as parkour, tricking can be thought of as an expressive mix of acrobatics, martial arts, breakdance, and elements of many other movement sports.

The sport has a huge international following, with worldwide events that attract thousands of athletes who travel the world to attend, as well as celebrities, sponsorships, dedicated schools and competitions, and a passionate online audience always looking for more videos, interviews, and media.

What's Invincible Tricking?

Invincible Tricking is a clothing and media brand founded 10 years ago, in late 2010, in Sydney, Australia.

Over the last 10 years we've released 60+ products to over 2000 total customers in almost every country around the globe, as well as created original, innovative online platforms for the sport.

Huge brand loyalty

More people than we know of feel such a strong connection with the brand that they have the Invincible logo tattooed on their bodies

Original Videos

Since 2010 we've created videos of events, interviews, battles, and behind the scenes, to celebrate the culture behind tricking and inspire and inform today's and tomorrow's athletes.

Our focus on high quality of cinematography, editing, and storytelling has resulted in videos the community loves to comment on, engage with, and share.

So much more

The brand has done so much more, including a blog with a dedicated editor and guest writers, a podcast, next-day shipping for all orders, developing custom web-apps for the sport (including a crowd-sourced map of training locations, a live stream platform pre Facebook and Instagram Live, and an event directory), an online magazine, and sponsored athletes. View the full timeline of the brand's products and launches here.

Who am I?

I'm James, I'm the founder of Invincible Tricking. It's just me; I build and manage the website, film and edit the videos, design and manage all the products and shipping, and manage all aspects of the company.

This allows me to work directly with every element of the brand, including partners and sponsors.

The Plan

In 2020, we want to go further.

We've planned a series of 30+ videos, based around 4 of the largest tricking events of the year in the Netherlands, Japan, Portugal, and Italy.

These will be a combination of interviews, short athlete features, event coverage, and live streams, featuring the top global athletes and most exciting events.

For the first time, we're now looking for a brand partner to work directly with to help make this happen.

The sponsorship package includes:
Your brand logo at the start of all 30 videos as a featured sponsor
Display ads on the Invincible Tricking website, including blog posts
Mentioned at the start of every podcast episode of 2020 as a featured sponsor
This will put your brand directly in front of a highly engaged audience of 13 to 30 year olds interested in extreme sports, travel, fitness, health, and online media.

Next steps

I'd love to discuss our partnership further.

You can email me at james@invincibletricking.com or by clicking the button below.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

James Daly
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