About Us

Invincible Tricking is Australia’s first, original, and only tricking apparel company.
Created by James Daly and based in Sydney, Invincible Tricking’s aim is to spread the excitement and joy this sport brings, to share and promote the community that makes it unique, and the movements and artistic qualities that make it beautiful.

What is tricking?

Tricking combines freestyle acrobatics with sports martial arts, linking movements in unique combinations to create an entirely new sport.

It’s easier to show than tell though, so check out the video below!

Who Are We?

We’re a clothing brand. Invincible Tricking was born when founder James Daly was bored of university and combined his graphic design studies with his passion for tricking.

The Beginning

Invincible Tricking began in a garage. James was looking to combine his university graphic design studies with his love of tricking, and created a simple online store in 2010.

First Steps

Printing a quick 100 shirts, he stored them in his family’s garage and packaged and shipped them from his bedroom in Sydney.

It's About Family

Invincible Tricking has always held strong family values, and it would never have got off the ground without the support and help of James’ parents – often literally.

Growing the Family

Throughout 2011 Invincible began attending tricking events, with James selling the tees from the boot of his car or a table at the side of the gathering floor.

Meeting The World

Between 2012 and 2015 we started working directly with tricking events like Loopkicks, Hooked, HiGH, Red Bull, Xswipe and more, and we expanded our family with the Invincible Athletes.

The Future

We now spend our time making the best tricking clothing we can, working with tricking events, building new things for the tricking world, and doing everything we can to grow this beautiful sport.